A Great Place to Grow in a Caring Community of Learners

        Brookside Charter’s model is based on a Venn diagram: one circle is culture, the second is leadership, and as a result of those two, the third is achievement. We’ve been living this model for the past three years and for the last two we’ve seen steady academic growth. It is often heard in education that you can’t, but that’s what makes Brookside Charter School unique. We can. We think outside the box.


We don’t do things because that’s how they’ve always been done. We do what’s best for students and if it’s not working, we change it.


     When a child enrolls, whether it’s in Pre-K or K, we recognize the return on investment, the win-win, if we keep them in our school all the way through 8th grade. Brookside Charter began as a neighborhood school, but now, our approach is different. We’re not a neighborhood school. Our parents’ personal lives may cause them to move around, but as long as they stay within Kansas City Public School boundaries, their child can stay at Brookside Charter. Keeping a child at the same school may be more expensive for a traditional district, but as far as value for the child and what they’re getting in return, it’s priceless.


    Brookside Charter wants to address the needs in Kansas City. There are certain areas of the Kansas City Public School district that are underserved, with most of them east of Highway 71. People and schools are wanting to go West, but we want to go East because that’s where the need is greatest. We want to create a sense of security so students know they can always come to us. When students fall in love with Brookside Charter in the primary grades they will stay in Kansas City. Currently we are at 634 students and we’d like to build our enrollment over the next five years to 739 students. Brookside Charter would like to expand to two primary schools that feed into one intermediate school and one middle school.


     There are many charter schools claiming they want to be the best in the nation. We want to be the best charter school on 63rd street in Kansas City.


       Brookside Charter wants to ensure that students who come to us are given the same opportunities as other students in other areas to change their lives by focusing on culture, leadership, and achievement. Ultimately, we’d like to create a model that we can duplicate in different cities to provide all students these same opportunities. But before we can extend to other cities, we must take care of the needs in Kansas City.


       Our mission statement says that we at Brookside Charter believe in our students and are committed to providing them with unlimited opportunities. At the end of the day, we want to be defined by the number of our students who come back and say we made a difference in their lives.


     To achieve that, we will continue to value our students and families, help them to develop life skills, increase their achievement, provide leadership tools, and help them discover their own unlimited opportunities.

Brookside Charter student’s Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead.