Brookside Charter opened it’s doors in the 1950s as a private school serving 85 students K-5, and in 2002 we transitioned to a Charter School.

Brookside Charter is unique in a couple different ways. We don’t have transportation, we require every parent to come into the building to pick up their children and have a face-to-face conversation with their teacher. We are not run by a management company. All budget, curriculum, calendar etc. are determined in-house with the input of our educational community. 

Brookside Charter is sponsored by UMKC. We currently have two buildings that are connected on our campus. One is elementary school and one is middle school. We currently have the capacity to serve 600 students, grades Kindergarten through 8th. We offer the core classes – ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies. Elementary students are introduced to electives such as P.E., Music, Art, STE(A)M and computers. Our middle school students have the option of taking Vocal Music, Drumline, Foreign Language, Art, STE(A)M, Computers, P.E. and leadership internships.

The theme at Brookside Charter is leadership. Leadership is reinforced with Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. His educational program is called The Leader In Me. The program instills accountability and ownership for the individual student. Starting at the age of 5, our students are taught life skills and are held accountable for their learning.

We use a tripod analogy here at Brookside. Each student is at the top of a tripod: one leg is the student, one leg is the home, and one leg is the school. At Brookside Charter, we offer student and staff supports to be sure every student and staff member is successful.

Here at Brookside Charter we focus on preparing students for the next level. In elementary, the focus is preparing students for the next grade. Our middle schoolers are continually working toward preparation for any high school, public or private. 

Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead is the motto for Brookside Charter School.