A Great Place to Grow in a Caring Community of Learners

Brookside Charter School is a tuition-free public charter school serving Pre-K through 8th grade students within the KCPS boundaries. At Brookside Charter we teach and nurture the whole child, focusing on rigorous academics and the incorporation of leadership skills, to prepare our students for success beyond our doors.
Brookside Charter is a caring community that is conducive to growth for both students and faculty. Currently we serve 615 students and will build our enrollment to serve 800 students by 2024. Because of well trained and supported faculty members, engaged families, and supportive community partners, we are poised to continue preparing our students for success in high school and beyond!


We believe in our students and are committed to providing them with unlimited opportunities.


Brookside Charter School is a Leader in Me™ School that teaches and implements the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to ensure students feel empowered in their daily lives. Students are critical thinkers that are not afraid of failure, because they learn from their strengths and weaknesses. The caring staff creates a safe environment where learning is student centered. Educators collaborate to deliver quality instruction that drives academic excellence. Families work side by side with staff to prepare leaders for today’s society.

8 Essentials

  1. We are a Leader in Me School.
  2. Students are actively involved in constructing their own knowledge.
  3. Instruction is data driven.
  4. Instruction is literacy based.
  5. Curriculum is based on standards.
  6. Leadership is shared within a collaborative culture.
  7. Families are valued as integral partners.
  8. Self-discipline is fostered through non-punitive, student-centered strategies

Brookside Charter students Enter to Learn, Exit to Lead.