“Encourage your student to never stop learning, because life will never stop teaching them!”

Extended Care is an extension of our children’s day and consists of three components: Power Hour, Outdoor Play and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities.

Power Hour is an hour of time devoted to completing homework, reading independently and completing Reading Logs.

Outdoor Play is a chance for students to get some fresh air and exercise. This is also a way to move oxygen to the brain so the children can focus and continue learning late into the afternoon.

Finally, we keep Extended Care fun and educational with  STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.) Every child has the opportunity to do activities that involve physical science, incorporate technology, construct engineering and design models, create art or apply math.  Each day of the week is devoted to one of the components of STEAM.

Single Child- $35 per week

(Brookside Charter now accepting child care subsidy through DSS for qualifying families)

 Students participating in evening activities that utilize EC will be charged $5 a day per child for the days that they are in activities

Families interested in Extended Care will need to apply and receive their proof of family status through DSS before enrolling for Extended Care.  At enrollment, parents will need to complete the following:

Enrollment Form

DSS Child Information Form

Student Conduct Form (for each student enrolled)

Provide their proof of status letter

Pay the one-time $25 registration fee (regardless of family status).

Families that are not qualified will need to pay their first week’s payment at this time as well.

To apply for child care subsidy through the Department of Health and Senior Services, please contact them:

Apply online:  https://dss.mo.gov/fsd/child-care.htm

Call:   855-373-4636

Physical Locations:

4309 East 50th Terrace                       615 East 13th Street

Kansas City, MO 64130                      Kansas City, MO 64106

(near Sun Fresh on Blue Pkwy)         (inside the State Building)

Brookside Charter’s DVN#; 000184492

Time 3:30-6:00 pm

Parents of students not enrolled in EC will be charged a $5 late fee if they are picked up between 4:00-4:15. After 4:15 the student will be enrolled in EC and the parent will incur a $35 fee per student.

Extended Care Director- Kamilah Lee


Extended Care Patrol

Extended Care students will apply for an Extended Care Patrol position in a desired classroom (PreK-3rd) by completing an application and obtaining 2-3 teacher recommendations at the end of each month.  During the following month, the ECP members work in their assigned classrooms, escort students to the lobby to go home, assist with snack and clean up, etc. Leadership Luncheons will be hosted 2-3 times throughout the school year to recognize their hard work.  Parents are welcomed to volunteer to plan and implement these luncheons.  

The purpose of the ECP is to build leadership skills, self-esteem, encourage peer-to-peer support and positive peer interactions.