“Does music makes you smarter?” (Demorest, Morison 2000).  Yes it does!  Arguably the “universal language”, music is the medium that transcends culture, age, gender, religion, etc.  Brookside Charter School takes pride in offering diverse instruction through the arts for students to freely express themselves while crossing curriculum boundaries to further enhance learning in core classes.

In this class, students will explore basic to intermediate musical concepts incorporating singing techniques, beginning instrumental techniques, music composition, music history, and performance etiquette. Some topics/concepts include:

Elementary skills:

Knowledge of beat and tempo
Understanding basic rhythmic notation
Solfege hand signals
Musical games to learn
Singing together (unison)
How to stand properly during a performance

Middle School skills:

Aural rhythmic/melodic dictation
2-3 part singing
intermediate/advanced vocal techniques
Solfege hand signals
Original music composition

Elementary classes meet daily with quarterly rotation.  Middle school class meets daily with a semester option.

Music Instructor Elementary

Emily Frost