Alpha Omega empowers our young men to implement service-learning opportunities.

Runs September-May for K-8th Grade

Alpha Omega
Mr. JR

Alpha Omega Project works with students and parents from grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade to help develop Skills for Life. Alpha Omega encourages our students to look beyond negative thoughts and social behavior in order to be the best they can be. Alpha Omega helps in adding the task of sending our students to some of the best high schools Kansas City has to offer. We give our students purpose and direction in hopes to break any negative generational cycles and in many cases send students to college as first generation college students within their family. In this we hope to change the courses of our students lives! We stand firm in the belief that it all goes back to the education and that is Alpha Omega’s primary focus along with teaching formal grooming,etiquette training and social skills. We also help to encourage self worth, goodwill and humanity to all mankind by participating in community service events. In efforts to exposing our students to educational field trips and College visits.