“Encourage your student to never stop learning, because life will never stop teaching them!”


Extended Care is an extension of our students’ day and consists of four main components: Literacy Development, Social-Emotional Learning, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Activities and Physical activities (indoor and outdoor).
Literacy Development and activities are extended in to the afternoon so that students continue to have the opportunity to build their reading and comprehension skills.  Social-emotional learning is offered in order to build students’ understanding of their emotions, self-awareness skills, social-awareness skills , self-management skills, responsible decision-making skills and relationship skills through student and parent groups, various programs and Out-of-School-Time curricula.
In order to keep Extended Care fun AND educational, students are exposed to various STE(A)M activities (such as Nelson-Atkins sessions, School Beats program and the V.I.P. Movement among other programs.  Every student has the opportunity to participate in activities that involve physical science, incorporates technology, constructs engineering and design models, creates art and/or applies math.
Finally, students have the chance to exercise and get some fresh air.  Outdoors/indoor physical activity is a way to move oxygen to the brain so that students can focus and continue learning late into the afternoon.


STEP 1: Complete the online enrollment form.
STEP 2: Pay the initial fees in person, which includes a $25 (non-refundable) family registration fee AND first total weekly fee.
 Need assistance with paying your Extended Care fees?  Brookside Charter now accepts child care subsidy through DSS for qualifying families.  Contact DSS to apply for child care subsidy and provide Brookside Charter’s DVN# 000184492.  If approved, you will need to provide your approval letter to finalize enrollment, otherwise you are responsible for the full cost of Extended Care.  You are responsible for the sliding fee assigned.
     Call: 1-855-373-4636 option #1
     Walk-in: 4309 East 50th Terrace (near Sun Fresh and Foot Locker on Blue Parkway) or
                   615 East 13th Street (downtown, inside the State Building)
  Fees?  Non-refundable, $25 registration fee per family
            Single Student $35/week (see Mr. Nelson for fees for additional students)
            Initial fees due upon enrollment IN PERSON. Afterwards, weekly fees are due EVERY Friday prior to the week of services

Hours? Elementary: Monday-Friday 3:30pm-6pm, Middle School: Monday-Friday 4pm-6pm

Daily late fees will accrue per student NOT enrolled in Extended Care or any student picked up after 6pm.

Elementary School:
4pm (or after) pick up, there is a $5 fee/day         
4:15pm (or after) pick up, there is a $10 fee/day
Middle School: 
4:30pm (or after) pick up, there is a $5 fee/day           
4:45pm (or after) pick up, there is a $10 fee/day
After 6pm pick up, there is a $15 fee/day
**Consistent late pick ups (3 or more) and will be reported to the Division of Family Services. After 6:30pm pick ups without any contact/notification will be reported to the Division of Family Services**

Extended Care Director- Craig Nelson


816-531-2192 ext 1114

Extended Care Payment

This payment is for
Student Name and Grade