Welcome to Brookside Charter Elementary School!

Brookside Charter Elementary School serves nearly 500 students in PK-5th grade. Students benefit from small student to teacher ratios and the co-teaching model, two teachers in every classroom. Brookside Elementary students receive instruction that is grounded in the Leader in Me framework. Research based strategies and curriculum is used for all academic instruction. We empower each of our students to be leaders, both in and out of the classroom, every day. Our staff is committed to restorative justice, trauma-informed care, and ensuring that Anti-Racist, Anti-Biased curriculum is implemented across all grade levels and content areas. Click around on our website and please reach out if you have any questions about our elementary program. We would love to hear from you!

Meet Our Staff

Pre Kindergarten

Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Gleason, Ms. Jefferson

Primary Grades

Back Row: Ms. Yahaya, Ms. Bigger, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Patton, Mrs. Golden

Front Row: Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Alexander, Ms. Root, Ms. Arvidson

1st Grade

Back Row: Ms. Makona, Ms. Pozek, Ms. Parker, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Smith

Front Row: Ms. Bruce, Ms. Scott

2nd Grade

Ms. Carter, Ms. Osby, Mrs. Maldonado, Mr. Jackson, Ms. Butler, Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Gunderson

Intermediate Grades
3rd Grade

Mrs. Grace, Mrs. Hendrix, Ms. Fisher, Ms. Quinn, Ms. Blake, Ms. Self, Ms. Fletcher

4th Grade

Back Row: Ms. Eikmann, Mr. Conway, Ms. Szczuckinski, Mrs. Norton, Mr. Watkins

Front Row: Ms. Barrett, Mr. Bowen

5th Grade

Ms. Newcomer, Mr. Bowie, Mrs. Wilson

Specials Teachers

Ms. White, Mrs. C. Fisher, Coach Williams, Mrs. K. Fisher

Support Staff

Ms. Angela, Mr. Hyams, Mrs. Watkins

Instructional Leadership Team

Back Row: Mrs. Twyman-Brown, Mrs. Norgard, Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Bruns, Ms. Duguid

Front Row: Mrs. Grannell, Mrs. Thomas

Special Education & English Language Learners

The Special Education department at Brookside Charter Elementary is committed to meeting the needs of all learners. We provide services to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP).  Our special education staff works diligently with students on their goals using modified and differentiated instructional strategies.

Special Education at Brookside Charter is unique because we provide unlimited support to students and partner with families to ensure the best educational opportunities for our exceptional learners.

Elementary SPED Providers

Back Row: Mr. Duncan, Ms. Langhorst, Ms. Fox, Mrs. McKown

Front Row: Ms. Young, Mrs. Hill, Ms. Marten

Self Contained SPED Class

Ms. Hake, Mr. Baston, Mrs. Wilkie

Mrs. Redmond

English Language Learners

Our EL Program at Brookside combines both in class and small group services. This way students receive additional support while still being able to experience all forms of communication in their classes.  Currently we offer services to students who hear and or speak either Jamaican Patois and Spanish. We strongly recommend and offer resources to our families in order that they maintain and embrace their first language as well.

Find more information in our Family Handbook.

Family Handbook
Very Important Bears (VIB)

Elementary students strive to achieve “Very Important Bear” (VIB) Status each month. Students can become a “VIB” by consistently turning in all of their assignments, participating in class, and exhibiting leadership skills daily both in and out of the classroom. Our “VIB” students participate in a monthly celebration and year-long “VIB” students are able to attend a culminating celebration in May. Our goal is to increase the percentage of “VIB” students monthly!