Family Services Department

The purpose of the Family Services Department is to provide wrap around resources to our families. These resources include, but are not limited to assistance with utilities, housing, food, clothing, beds, mental health referrals, family support, and adult literacy. Addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of our students and families creates a safe and nurturing environment at home and fosters the growth of healthy relationships.

Kamilah Lee

Director of Family Services

Homelessness (McKinney Vento) Liaison, Foster Care Liaison, Title One Coordinator; Impact KC Coach

What is Section 504?

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is a civil rights law that is designed to prevent disability discrimination in programs and activities that recive federal funds such as public and charter school districts.  It was enacted to eliminate barriers that exclude students with disabilities.  School districts have the duty to provide a free appropriate public education to all qualified disabled students.  

To be eligible for services or accommodations under Section 504, a student must be determined to have a physical, medical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities and/or bodily functions–seeing, hearing, eating, caring for one’s self, learning, communicating, breathing, digestive, normal cell growth, etc. (see Brookside Charter’s Parent Guide to Section 504 for the complete list).  To determine eligibility, a physician’s medical diagnosis and/or other medical information is required.  However, not all students with medical conditions are identified as disabled, and a medical diagnosis alone does not result in Section 504 eligibility.

What is McKinney Vento?

The McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act of 1987 is a US federal law that provides federal money for not-for-profit organizations working with at risk families and youth.  McKinney Vento ensures the right of students to attend school even when they are experiencing homelessness and do not have a permanent address.  The Act aims to reduce barriers that have prevented many students experiencing homelessness from enrolling, attending and succeeding in school.  


Families lacking a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence are defined as experiencing homelessness and may be eligible for enrollment in the McKinney Vento program.  These family situations may include being doubled-up with another family, living in a shelter, residing in substandard housing, etc. 

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT-MO is a collection of community vendors that work together to support families in need of various resources and/or assistance.  To enroll, individuals complete an assessment and are connected with the appropriate vendor to meet their need(s)–rental assistance, utility assistance, counseling/therapy, adult education, transportation, housing, etc. 

What is the School-Parent-Child Compact?

A compact (also known as an agreement) is a written commitment that indicates how members of the school, parents, students and the community will agree to share in the responsibility of learning for an individual child.  The compact is signed annually, at the start of each school year.  A parent or legal guardian and student is asked to review and sign the compact.  A parent/guardian is able to sign for a student that is unable to sign for themself, but is encouraged to review the information with the student, so that s/he understands their responsibility in their own learning process.  The compact can be completed by clicking onto the 2020-21 Compact link below.  A separate compact must be completed for each student attending Brookside Charter.