Runs October-May for 4-8th grade

NJHS is a group focused on mentoring and leadership. It provides opportunities to students that excel in learning and leadership. The pillars of NJHS are Scholarship, Service, Leadership, Character, and Citizenship. Activities include serving our community, fundraising, building character, promoting leadership, and building resumes for future endeavors. 

Who can apply?

Students in grade 4-8 will be eligible to apply for National Honor Society.


What are the requirements for eligibility?

Students must maintain an average of 85% in each of their classes, have 90% attendance, and show leadership qualities at all times. Students will be required to provide two teacher recommendations as well as one peer recommendation for consideration.


What will be expected upon being accepted?

Students will be expected to maintain eligibility requirements, attend all scheduled meetings, complete 4 community service projects throughout the year, and mentor other students at Brookside.


What are the benefits of joining NJHS?

Students will be able to further themselves in leadership positions within Brookside and the community, mentor other students, participate in special events and activities, use this experience when applying to high schools, and working with other students with similar goals and aspirations for success.